the mana group was founded by Lanileigh Ting in 1994 while managing choreographer Ann Crossett's Oure Dans Kompagni in Denmark. From 1994-1999, the mana group developed its roster to include such companies as bopi's black sheep/dances by kraig patterson, Buglisi/Foreman Dance, Neta Pulvermacher & Dancers, Paul D. Mosley Dance, Reggie Wilson/fist and heel performance group, and such choreographers as Marjorie Folkman, Terry Hollis, and Heidi Latsky. From its inception, the mana group was devoted to providing production and management resources for both established and emerging artists. In 1999, Ms. Ting wished to continue pursuing her own dance career and decided to no longer represent artists. Currently, she only considers artistic and management consultations.

the mana group also provides a variety of computer consulting services specializing in cross-platform software, training and relational database design. Ms. Ting has been a BIZWIZ consultant for Working Solutionz Software since 1995.

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